2012 Diet to Go Coupons

October 31, 2011


Here are some of Diet To Go's latest promotions to help you get your new year started off right! 

$20 Off First Order - Coupon Code: CJ2000 Save 15% on Any Order Size - Coupon Code: CJ15P 25% Off $75 Minimum Order - Coupon Code: NEWYEAR25 $30 Off $100 Minimum Order - Coupon Code: NEWME30 $20 Off the First Order

Diet To Go is a very famous diet home food delivery service that a person who is in strict weight loss diet can contact for fast food options. They create, prepare and design gourmet meals that can be flash frozen and sent to the person requesting for it via the UPS. They have various meal plans and it is up to you what to choose depending on what you need.

They even have Diet to Go coupons so you can have a discount from the menu options you ordered.

One of the benefits of subscribing to Diet To Go is that they won’t force you to order your whole week’s food worth. This means that if you want a certain meal to cook at your kitchen, you can still do that. You may be one of those people who love preparing dinner so, you can just order for breakfast and lunch only. This will save you a lot of money, too. Since they are shelf stable, you can bring the diet food you acquired through your Diet to Go coupons in the office for your break time meals. You can just heat them up in a microwave when you are about to eat them.

Diet to Go has three varied meal plans: low-fat vegetarian plan, a low-carb plan and a low-fat plan. Their low carb menu is for those people who lose better when they minimize carbs intake. However, it is somehow more costly than the low fat plan due to the fact that protein is generally more expensive than products with carbohydrates. The price for these Diet to Go plans can go around $80 a week for two meals in five days a week. For daily low carb meals, three meals a day, it can cost up to $149. Don’t worry as you can save some if you have Diet to Go coupons in your first order. Imagine a day’s worth of free food supply. So hurry up and get yourself some Diet to Go coupons and try their latest diet meal offerings.

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